We arLaserSxButton2e one of the very few veterinary hospitals that offer Laser Surgery.

Unlike traditional surgery with a scalpel or scissors which can bruise and crush tissue, the laser’s intense, highly focused beam of light is all that touches your pet, sealing off blood & lymphatic vessels, reducing the swelling & inflammation that is often associated with surgery. Laser energy also seals nerve endings, reducing post operative discomfort.

Laser surgery can be utilized with great benefits in nearly all routine procedures such as spays & neuters, and truly excels when performing tumor removals, declaws, facial, eyelid & oral surgeries.

We have made a substantial investment in equipment to be able to provide laser surgery because we believe so strongly in its benefits.



Less pain, bleeding & swelling

Quicker Recovery – less post surgical inflammation & discomfort allows patients to return to normal activities sooner.

Precision – The laser can remove unhealthy tissue while minimizing adverse effects to healthy surrounding tissue.

Ideal in removal of cancerous tumors – Vaporization of cells at incision margins helps provide cleaner margins, reducing the possible spread or recurrence of cancer. Smaller masses can often be removed through ablation or vaporization of the entire mass without bleeding, and many do not require suturing

Reduced post-op infection – Laser energy destroys any bacteria in its path, reducing the risk of post-op infection.